About Root of Influence

In the olden days, when the world was simple and audiences gathered 'round a screen to watch the latest iteration of a long running-series, we called what they watched a show, produced by a media company.

Then came social media, and the world lost its mind.

At Root of Influence, we cover social media creators for precisely what they are: media com­panies, producing new shows on a daily (or hourly, or minute-ly, or second-ly, as the case may be) basis. 

We're interested in the relationships forged between those creators, their audiences and brands—and how the dynamics between those three groups decide which stories get told, and which ones get forgotten.

Because above all, we want to be a voice for the audience: the millions upon millions of people who spend hours every day watching the latest releases from their favorite "shows." On their behalf, we want to hold the media companies accountable. Aim higher. Dream bigger.

Don't copy, originate. Give them ideas worthy of their time, and we will reward you. Treat them like commodities, and, well, you've been warned.